Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My pregnancy

I don''t know how to put it in words. but my pregnancy was one thing to be remembered for sure. i'm pregnant after 3 months of marriage. working as a pregnant houseman in Hospital Putrajaya in O&G department was not a piece of cake. i was a new comer in Hospital Putrajaya, started my third posting there. the previous postings was in Hospital Batu Pahat. So everything is different, especially the computerized system which make the job faster but not easier. i'll make a new entry for the hospitals comparison later InsyaAllah.

My pregnancy was the greatest one at first. the first two trimester was really nothing much, other than the slightest morning sickness in first trimester.

the starting of third trimester also marks the start of my posting in Putrajaya. my effort tolerance was markedly reduced. and my pedal edema was so bad, i need to change my shoe size. my pillow-like feet felt numb after the morning round. i literally had no time to eat, sleep or even sit. the one thing that kept me going was my baby, every kicks and turns lighten me up. "please keep growing well", was the only thing in mind.

but it slowly eats me till i was diagnosed having severe preeclampsia where my blood pressure start shooting up at 35 weeks. i was having my weekly antenatal check-up in An Nur where they also found out the proteins in my urine. I asked for second opinion from my dear MO is Hospital Putrajaya, and decided to turn myself in for admission. and they decided for induction of labour at exactly 35 weeks 3 days.

my labour process will be in next post insyaAllah :)

"Takutnyaaa nak bersalin!"

Catching up

Obviously I have some catching up to do. The last post I wrote was in 2011, which was FIVE years ago.The posts were so childish, I cant believe I actually wrote them.  

Since the past few years, I've done growing up. Now, I have graduated, married, and became a mother to my wonderful son. Yep, how time flies. Life is short. Lets make it meaningful, aite?