Friday, July 20, 2018

LASIK 2018

Alhamdulillah, officially graduated from wearing glasses! Atleast till I reach presbyopia haha.

Done LASIK for almost a month now. Did it for the covenience, not for cosmetics reasons. I hate wearing contact lenses. As I hate wearing glasses at the same time. I found it to be very disturbing to loose my glasses everytime I wake up, take a shower or even after prayers.

I did some search over the internet for quite some time. And decided to do it after I got my raise lol. Most of the LASIK centers are in Damansara which need at least an hour travel which is troublesome for me. So I googled the places that offers LASIK near Bangi/Kajang/Puchong areas. I did call a few centers including Prof Muhaya's and the Tun Hussein Eye Hospital. And the most affordable price I found at that time was Optimax Eye Specialist Puchong.

I was lucky cos they are having eye carnival at the time, and the price was only RM2998 per eye. So that's RM5996 for both eyes. 
So the deal is ON! I booked an appointment on that weekend itself and did my LASIK a week after.

The LASIK process for me is very unpleasant. And the result was not as instant as I thought it was. My eyes stopped stinging after 6 hours. But needed almost a week to stabilize my vision to a perfect 6/6.

So as for now, let's enjoy life without glasses and let's hope I reach presbyopia at a very old age :D