Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Berlin, germany

We went there for Jaulah programme, n been there for 6 days

Our 1st impression as we get there, people in Russia r way more good-looking than people in Berlin. But 1 thing for sure, people in Berlin r way more polite than people in Russia yg in which we considered as “x beradab”.

In Berlin..to get into a bahn, or so-called metro in Russia n ktm komuter in Malaysia, spanjang ktorg kt sane, only 1 time there was a conductor checking our ticket. N non of them r caught without ticket. Even to get into a museum(from museum of history to museum of technology), there r no “pak security” or worker checking people’s ticket, boleh je kalau nk msuk free2. N nk msuk toilet pn, there was only a sign saying ‘0.50 euro per person’ n a tray to put money, with no “mkcik toilet”. Surprisingly, sume yg msuk toilet will put the right amount of money kt tray tuh.. n their toilets r vey2 clean thp mksimum..wow!In Russia..everywhere u go, there must be a group of security, or what we called here as military. Er…n cleanliness of toilet, even at the airport pn, setakat tahap ‘ok laaa’…

People in Berlin respect sgt2 muslims.. As in Russia, anywhere u go, there r always people with their dogs bersiar2.. Even in bahn n metro. But in Berlin, as soon as they saw us, they will pull their dogs biar jauh dari ktorg. Dorg phm Islam.. But in Russia, siap marah2 sbb ktorg takutkn anjing dorg.. Ish3!

1 more thing, there r soooo many muslims there!!sng sgt2 dpt halal muslim foods (from kfc chicken to burgers), n rempah.. There r also shops selling muslim’s clothings like tudung,jubah,slendang.. In Russia.. For women, its kind of hard to find baju yg tol2 x fit..

Oh ye.. Snow kat sane just cm habuk2… Bile balik nizhny, snow tebal gile! With temperature -14 dgree. Abes beku balik sume..huhuhu

Dah rezeki kat Russia..nak wat cne. Ni pun nseb baik sgt2 Allah bagi rezeki setelah byk dugaan dtempuh, hmpir ptus harapan pn ad gak..

So what should I say?? ~Alhamdulillah~


Imran said...

nice peeps there eyh? nex year come to egypt plak. and xperience living with egyptians. ^^

Syazwan Harun said...

ape kah gerangan ini..

myra said...

oh i will!!
egypt!nantikn ktibaanku nex year!