Sunday, January 11, 2009

My 10 most important 'things' to survive here =)

my 'russian' life??
haha =D

the door to my world!


my bobo -started to degenerate recently =p

bobo's new fren - panda (bukan nama sebenar)
bought at auchan with 137ruble

with my kembar n our "baju bilik"

sumber utama untuk teruskan hidup

suka kutip carrot je sebenarnye =p

the non-halal codes

permandangan luar tingkap bilikku
(suka termenung kat tingkap masa tensen menyerang)
kesian gak tengok pokok2 tu

the foreign students community with irina stanikova

sangat2 penting untuk bergerak
n sangat2 sesak pagi2 untuk pegi kelas (-_-!)
dapat seat time tuh..hohoho padan muka russians kena diri


arif saufi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
myra said...

kuang asm pnye pkcik..
at least aku ad gak kmbar
ko tuh
xda sape nk jd kmbar ko

are-ku~ said...

gmaq aku pun ada?
stlah byk gamaq hg aku popularkan kt blog aku,

weyh, pehal buh gmaq tu
cmera efek ah tu

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