Thursday, January 8, 2009

The mystery of dreaming

Did you know that we spend almost six years of our lives dreaming?

• You will be surprised to find out that blind people see their dreams, but these dreams are from the period before they have lost their sight;

• For those who snore it would be interesting to find out that they won’t have any dreams while snoring;

• If you give up smoking you should prepare yourself for some long, intense dreams;

• Children who are not more than three years old don’t have dreams about themselves;

• Men have more dreams with men than women do. Men dream both men and women;

• If you try to remember your dream ten minutes after you wake up, 90% of your dream will be forgot;

• Dreams are important for your health so if you don’t have any dreams you may have a lack of proteins or a personality problem;

• Almost a third of our life is lived through dreams. Many people say they don’t have any dream at night, but all human beings dream;

• Studies showed that brain activity is more intense while sleeping than when we are awake;

• We dream about one-two hours/night and we can have from four to seven dreams


Anonymous said...

ija da lame tk mimpi daa..
bhye ke? adoi..mmg kne mmpi ke?
nanti diawg-awgan lak..

Syazwan Harun said...

mimpi per ar tuh

bawangmerah said...

dahsyatnye gambar yang di-tarok.

myra said...

gmbar bakal doktor msia tuh..
bgga x?