Thursday, May 27, 2010

its a strange world of langguage

Its been a long time since my last english post.lately i kind of realized my english is getting worse.
as the saying goes "kat sini english makin teruk, bm x gerak, russian x maju2." sadly, its very true.

I even have to force myself speak in english with my groupmates but then found my tongue get chronically twisted even saying stupid simple words. it feels annoyingly awkward. oh fyi, the only malay in my group is me and makcik roneza. And my groupmates use english ALL THE TIME except for us.we tend to speak malay to everyone, including our non-malaysian groupmates.then jeff,aaron and G will be our english translator to them.even if they talked to us in english, we’ll reply in malay for sure.if and only if there is no one around who can be our translator,we’ll speak in english.(i know its horrible =.= )

They tried to help, I knew they were.they’ll say “english pleaseee” with senyum simpul everytime we speak malay.and sometimes jeff,aaron n G just refuse to translate us.

Its not that we cant speak.we just don’t have the feels wrong.seriously,it feels reaaaaaally weird speaking English since i spent my lifetime speaking A1 in spm english wont help,trust me.

From now on,i promise i’ll try.ok friends?i have 4 more years to be with u guys.u have to make sure I have english at the tip of my tongue by then :p

Oh n exam is coming in 2 weeks and im barely prepared.pray for me T_T

Jom doa same2!

“ya Allah, permudahkanlah nurul amyrah dan rakan2 dalam exam mereka.anugerahkanlah markah terbaik bagi mereka.tenangkanlah hati mereka,lembutkanlah hati guru2 mereka.amiiinnn~!”


Ibnu Selamat As-Subanggi said...

كامي سموا دمليسيا ده هابيس أيكزيم.... هي هي هي هي... سلامت مغهادافي ففريكساءن ددنيا اين....

Gudluck 4 yor exam... ;)

Syazwan Harun said...

You should buy an english novel or something you know, and for the fact, when I chat with you in English, you seldom reply in English. Of course conversing in English has its downside.
(habis hancur paper sastera :( )

Oh yeah, I think you should type properly in English, it helps you in doing report works you know. :)
I still remember the times where we talked and you sometimes don't understand the word. Heeeeeee :D

p/s: sorry about yesterday. :(

amyrah said...

ibnu selamat
igtkan tulisan arab mane laaa td
haha :p

medic novels pn x khatam ag..
wait till i khatam those first la (which is never) :D
oh ahaha vocabsss...i do read articles on the net a lot lately.i really think they'll pretty much help my vocabs :p

Khairunnisa Ithnain said...

same goes to me~T__T
its ok.. let`s trying to improve it..
btw, salam perkenalan~

amyrah said...

salam :)
haha ade gak org len ade mslh same rupanyeeee :P
study mane?